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Discover how to create stunning metal art pieces for your home with these easy DIY ideas. Get inspired to add a touch of unique and personalized artwork to your space.
Two Metal Roses and Vase Recycled Metal Roses With Vase - Etsy Metal Art, Metallica, Metal Welding, Metal, Metal Roses, Metal Flowers, Vase, Recycled Metal, Scrap Metal Art

Handmade welded metal roses with a vase create the perfect gift. This is a pair of up-cycled roses and a vase made from recycled materials including washers, tubing, and wire welded together creating beautiful art. Each rose is an individual and a little different all created from the same materials. The washers are all hand bent and welded together to create a beautiful welded art rose that will never die. This gift would be great for Weddings, Anniversaries, Valentine's Day or just a great…

Dick Rigatti