Microwave drawer

Upgrade your kitchen with a modern and space-saving microwave drawer. Explore top ideas to seamlessly integrate this convenient appliance into your kitchen design.
Best Microwave Drawer: Top 5 Drawer Microwaves of 2022 Reviewed Ideas, Microwaves, Models, Love, Oven Cabinet, Microwave Drawer, Countertop Microwave, Built In Microwave, Double Wall Oven

The best microwave drawer models in 2024 free up space in the kitchen with their revolutionary under-counter design, but the enhanced aesthetic comes at a price (both financial and functional). I'm the founder of Designer Appliances, a premier appliance store in New Jersey, and I have 15+ years of appliance experience. I've test-driven most of these microwave drawers, but most importantly, I've heard real-life feedback from our discerning customers. These six microwave drawers are the ones