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Stay stylish and confident with these fashion tips and trends for midlife women. Discover the latest styles and looks that will enhance your wardrobe and make you feel fabulous.
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If you feel like you keep buying clothes but they never look good on you, chances are you’re not buying the right clothes for your body shape! So you may be asking, what is my exact body type? In this post, we’ll cover how to measure and figure out your body type , learn about the five diffe

Pat Peterson
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So, you’ve hit the big 6-0 and you’re wondering how to keep that fashion flame burning bright? Well, let me remind you, my friend, age is just a number and your style doesn’t have to fade as the years roll by. As mature women over 60, it’s time to embrace that golden age with grace, […]

carol faulkner
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If you’ve been with me for awhile, you know that I used to show outfits with bright, bold colors and prints. But when I looked back at those photos, I thought the bright colors and bold prints were making me look older than I already am. So I gradually started shifting my wardrobe to a

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Today I am showing you how to take one blouse and style it for the office and for casual. Looking at fashion items in different ways and for different occasions will extend your wardrobe and make your purchase go further. And stay tuned…Shop Your Closet for Weekend Outfits coming on SATURDAY! 💌 PS: Do you

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