Military Spouse

Find support and resources for military spouses to navigate the unique challenges and opportunities that come with being a military spouse. Discover tips, advice, and community to thrive in your role.
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Mistakes You Will Make As A New Military Wife | The Daily Impressions

As a new military wife there are a few mistakes you might make along the way. Situations like making new friends to pcsing around the world. The military is a lot like high school but I'm here to help you on your new journey of being a military wife!

Bre Johnson
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The Lonely Military Spouse - Harmonizing the Chaos

Have you experienced loneliness as a military spouse? You are not alone! Loneliness is common among military wives, especially over military deployments or even an OCONUS PCS. Here are some helpful tips to help deal with the lonliness, and to get you through these tough times!


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