Milk kefir

Discover the benefits of milk kefir and try out these delicious recipes to improve your gut health. Start making your own homemade milk kefir and enjoy a refreshing and nutritious beverage.
Milk kefir is easy to make, costs close to nothing, and can really improve your gut and general health. All you need is a starter - kefir grains - and milk. Within a few days, you'll be ready to drink this amazing, effervescent, slightly tart drink. Additional health benefits range from lowering blood pressure, improving immunity, aiding cholesterol metabolism, to anti-microbial and anti-tumor activity. You've got to give this superfood a try! #healthyfood #health #kefir #DIY #ho via @joanna8278 Fermented Milk, Best Probiotic, Health Benefits, Gut Health, Superfoods, Probiotics, Gut Microbiota, Beneficial Bacteria, Kefir Smoothies

I have sworn off cow’s milk dairy a long time ago, due to lactose sensitivity and general unpleasant effects on my digestive system. But lately, within the last half a year or so, I revisited a drink I knew from childhood in Poland: milk kefir. It turns out that kefir has amazing benefits for gut …

Crystal Reszczynski