Miss trunchbull

Explore the fascinating character of Miss Trunchbull from Roald Dahl's Matilda. Learn about her tyrannical ways and discover why she is one of the most memorable villains in children's literature.
it's not like it's rocket surgery: what the teacher REALLY wants you to know? Teacher Appreciation, Promotion, Surgery, Awareness Ribbons, Firefighter Wife, Volunteer Firefighter, Child Teacher, Volunteer Appreciation, Teacher

Every year around this time I always see articles about back to school, many of them advising parents what their child's teacher really wants them to know. Many of them hit the nail on the head, but never with nearly enough honesty. Well, I am nothing if I am not honest. I feel that these lists often come across as very us-against-them, and I hate that because it shouldn't be that way ever. The point should always return to the fact that parents, students and the teacher are a team, so take…