Modern indian decor

Discover the beauty of modern Indian decor and transform your home into a vibrant and stylish space. Get inspired by top ideas to infuse Indian elements into your interior design.
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Discover the allure of simple Indian bedroom interior design ideas that merge minimalist principles with the richness of Indian culture. Learn how to create serene, comfortable spaces that combine modern elements and traditional Indian aesthetics.

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Architect Amritha Karnakar’s terrace flat is designed to be nature’s nest with a modern vibe punctuated with a love for all things Indian. Learn about the interior design of this terrace flat in Mumbai at Beautiful Homes.

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If you're a proud Indian at heart, you might want to employ these beautiful design hacks into your home. See 8 Livspace homes that are rated G for Glam. From classic interior designs to vintage Indian decor, you'll find it all (and then be delighted with a home that mixes Kerala and Kolkata aesthetics). So, what are you waiting for?

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