Modern nature house

Create a harmonious living space with a modern nature house. Explore innovative designs that seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor elements, allowing you to connect with nature at its finest.
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El Ajusco, a majestic mountain range south of Mexico City, is a sanctuary of biodiversity and spirituality. Its hills and valleys host a lush variety of flora and fauna and have been home to ancestral cultures with a deep and meaningful connection to the land.

George Jeffcoat
Curved modern home built with natural materials, overlooking a bio pool, surrounded by the lush greenery of a dense jungle. House Design, Architecture, Villa Design, Architecture House, Facade Design, Building Design, Architecture Building Design, Hotel, Architecture Building

Nestled amidst a lush jungle, this curved modern home showcases the brilliance of biophilic design. 🌱 Every corner designed with natural materials, ensuring a sense of harmony and alignment with nature's rhythm. Step outside and you're greeted by a serene bio pool. Our vision merges ancient wisdom with future aesthetic, creating spaces that don't just exist but thrive. To step into your dream sanctuary aligned with nature, book an exploration call with us. #BiophilicDesign #BioPool…

Janice Espinosa
Hugging House: Modern Eco Home with Roof|Visualization Architecture, Modern Eco House Design, House Architecture Design, Modern Eco House, Eco House Design, House Layouts, Eco House Exterior, House Designs Exterior, House

Hugging House is based on a project that is mainly capable of fully respecting nature and establishing a connection with the building's environment (not to mention energy, sustainability, and ecology), and that through its impact and experience could generate in the visitor the same respect for the natural world.

Amanda Nyirenda