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Learn about the history and impact of Youppi, the iconic mascot of the Montreal Canadiens. Discover how this lovable character has brought joy and excitement to fans of all ages and get to know the behind-the-scenes secrets of its creation.
Youppi the original mascot from the Montreal Expos now working for the Canadiens. Montreal Hockey, Ryan Miller, Canada Hockey, Fozzie Bear, Softball Season, Montreal Canadians, Hockey Pictures, Nhl Playoffs, Ice Hockey Teams

Youppi Gets His Revenge

You remember Youppi don't you? The furry orange creature who could be a twin brother of Fozzie Bear was the mascot for the Montreal Expos until their demise in 2004. Youppi painfully watched his beloved Expos leave for Washington where they became the Nationals. Even though Youppi was picked up by the Canadiens, he still had a hatred for Washington. He vowed revenge! Six years later, he has it! The Canadiens have taken a pound of flesh and then some from Washington by upsetting the Capitals…

Kim Manolakos