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Explore a collection of stunning moon pictures that will transport you to the enchanting world of the night sky. Discover tips on how to capture the perfect shot and unleash your inner photographer.
50,000 Photographs Combine to Form a Detailed Image of the Moon and Stars | Colossal Astronomy, Planets Wallpaper, Stars And Moon, Moon Images, Moon Photography, Galaxy Wallpaper, Moon Pictures, Moon Art, Moon Photos

Photographer Andrew McCarthy has transformed 50,000 individual images of the night sky into one very large and detailed photo of the moon. Every crater and lunar mare on the “light” side looks like it was shot from within the natural satellite’s orbit, when the image was actually created from a telescope and two camera setup 239,000 miles away in Sacramento, California. McCarthy shares that his interest in the cosmos began as a kid when his father showed him the planets through his…

April Klich