Mother kali

Explore the powerful and transformative energy of Mother Kali. Learn about her symbolism, rituals, and how to invoke her presence in your spiritual practice.
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Welcome to the Kali Blog Series Creating the Kali Oracle was an absolute act of love and joyful dedication to our wild mother. Goddess Kali, the pure and ever-watchful, yet wrathful goddess of supreme spiritual protection beckons all those who wish to welcome their hearts to her, of which there are apparently and yet not […]

Alisha Eison
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Mother Kali is the one who soothes our souls! Looking for transformation? Welcome to part two of our blog post on the divine mother, Kali. To briefly, and very inadequately, we explain that …Mother Kali is revered as the goddess of time, change, and destruction, as well as the mother of the universe. Her worship is both powerful and transformative, as she is known to firecly help her children. Read more on the blog.

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The Goddess Kali and her worship are ancient and Magical. This post on Kali describes her worship and important Kali Mantras. The Goddess Kali is famous throughout India and all over the world but trying to study her in a devotional way can be very difficult. Ma kali is very loving to her children.

Charly Jones
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A personal piece I've been working on when I got the time here and there. I've always wanted to do a piece on Kali, ever since I saw a life-size sculpture in the Horniman Museum, which I found quite arresting. This is the classic narrative for Kali, as, whilst in a bloodlust after beheading the demon Raktabija, her husband Shiva laid down in front of her, and upon stepping on him, Kali felt great embarrassment and is snapped out of her frenzy. The tongue sticking out classicly symbolizes…