Mount st helens

Explore the breathtaking beauty and raw power of Mount St. Helens. Learn about its fascinating history and plan your next adventure to this iconic volcanic landmark.
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It was Confucius who said, “Study the past if you would define the future”. Historical pictures allow us to do just that. They depict some of the most important moments of the days gone by, which we can turn back to and analyze one image at a time. And learn something new with each one of them, whether it’s an old photo from a family album or a snapshot that made it to the history books.


On the morning of May 18, 1980, photographer Robert Landsburg hiked 7 miles from the summit of Mount St. Helens in the Cascades mountain range. As the lens of his camera viewed the snowy cap of the mountain and lush green forests of Skamania County in Washington state, Landsburg intended to photographically document the change...

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After a long break for summer from social media I am starting to post work from my trips over the summer. It feels good to be processing and posting again although the online break was nice. This image was taken while on a early morning hike at Mount Saint Helens at sunrise in early summer. This time of year can be a wildflower treat with Indian paintbrush and penstemon carpeting the ground. The air was fairly still with very light breezes coming through and the smell of damp cool refreshing…

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I realize I am little late to the parry posting this image as there are already so many awesome pics from this area this year. This spot is a little different then most people shoot but I liked the way the wildflowers made a nice curve down the valley. I decided also to use this one with the clouds across as it was a little different then most of the sunrises from here. Thanks for looking and have a great day !

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