Moving tattoos

Discover unique and captivating moving tattoo designs that allow you to express yourself in a dynamic way. Explore top ideas to find the perfect moving tattoo that reflects your personality.

We had 3D tattoos, we had discreet tattoos, now it's time for 'moving' tattoos. For the record, these designs aren't actually moving, but it's what the Internet has been calling them, so we just have to make do.

Heather Holleque
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So you have decided to get a tattoo, but those straightforward ones most people have are not your cup of tea? In this case, may I interest you in some psychedelic tattoos? It is a common miscomprehension that trippy tattoos are all very complicated, but in fact, there are quite a lot of easy trippy tattoos out there that are still incredibly beautiful and will play a trick on your vision. And it doesn’t have to be something big to produce that effect. Small trippy tattoos are as fascinating…

Kimiko Gabliea