Muffins for mom

Show your love and appreciation for mom with these mouthwatering muffin recipes. Surprise her with a homemade treat that will make her day extra special.
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My favorite two events that we host in our preschool classroom are Donuts with Dad (see it HERE) and Muffins with Mom. I thought it would be fun to share the details of our special luncheon with you! First thing I did was hit up Target for party supplies. I don’t know why, but I think […]

Melissa Carpenter
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This year was the first year that I tried "Muffins with Mom" in my classroom. I wanted to do something special for the parents of my students, because they contribute so much throughout the year. Also, I knew it would mean a lot to my Kinder Darlings for them to be able to spend a special morning with their mothers. Both of my personal children have invited me to a "Muffins with Mom" when they attended a local preschool. I used my experience from that to create my TPT file, but I added a lot…

Danielle Nichole