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Dealing with a narcissistic family member, spouse, or friend can be an exhausting experience. Narcissists can be entitled, unable to take criticism, and often have an intense need for admiration. Worse, they can make you feel like you’re the problem. If you’re struggling with identifying narcissists in your life or want to learn more, here

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It's no secret that narcissists have little emotional empathy. That means they don't feel for others. If you have a bereavement, the narcissist doesn't feel your pain. If they wrong you, they don't lay awake at night feeling guilty for the pain they've caused. However most narcissists, particularly covert narcissists, become experts at faking emotional

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A day out should be an exciting time. Fun and carefree. But if a narcissist is driving, you're probably anticipating dread. It's not surprising that studies show narcissists are far more likely to be aggressive drivers. Until recently it's not something I've thought much about. But now I have, I realise there's many common behaviours

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