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13 Reasons NOT to Get an Epidural - Epidural side effects and risks, explaining how epidurals effect your labor, your body and on baby after birth, postpartum recovery, and long term effects. Why you should chose natural birth instead of this pain management tool. #birth #epidural #epiduralsideeffects #naturalchildbirth Epidural Pain, Epidural Needle, Epidural Birth, Pregnancy Labor, Healthy Pregnancy, Birth Labor, Pregnancy Fitness, Happy Pregnancy, Pregnancy Advice

Debating on getting an epidural?Planning for a natural birth, but need some reassurance on your decision to avoid the epidural? For most of human history, women have birthed without epidurals. But now, with them being so common, it really makes you wonder if there are any benefits to not getting an epidural? The potential risks of getting

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I'm currently 10 weeks postpartum after having my second son, Elliot. Now that some time has passed, I am finally ready to share my unmedicated childbirth story! Bringing my second son into the world was an experience that I will never forget for the rest of my life. Childbirth is incredible, right? No matter what

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Yes. You read that right. I had a 24 hour labor with no epidural. In fact, I didn't use any form of drug or medicine for pain relief. But I did use quite a few natural labor coping techniques to survive labor with no epidural. I'll share my 10 secrets to an easier labor, so you know how to prepare for an unmedicated birth of your own. These unmedicated birth techniques helped me to have a healthy pregnancy, an autonomous birth, and the confidence necessary for surviving labor.

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labor tips for first time moms and new moms to be... how I avoided an epidural and had a natural hospital birth! Pregnancy Advice, First Pregnancy, Pregnancy Birth, Pregnancy Workout, Healthy Pregnancy, Birth Labor, Pregnancy Books, Pregnancy Quotes, Early Pregnancy

By the time you reach your third trimester you have probably read countless articles about kegels and hospital bags. And about water births vs squatting births, and about how imperative it is that you try different positions during labor. And you are maybe even feeling a little overwhelmed by it all.