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Experience the ultimate thrill of big game hunting with Nitro Express rifles. Explore the top choices for accurate and powerful rifles that will ensure a successful hunt.
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Rock Island Auction Company has released a video where they shoot some of the largest non-military cartridges and rifles ever produced. The three calibers include the .700 Nitro Express, 4 bore and .950 JDJ. And if you are going to shoot this kind of hand cannons, then you first need to warm up with some low recoiling cartridges like … Read More …

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The GTG Kodiak is a large-caliber single-action revolver chambered in .600 Nitro Express made by German gunsmith Franz-Josef Peters (A.K.A. Joe Peters). The creation of the Pfeifer Zeliska revolver in .458 Winchester Magnum in 1995 likely influenced Joe Peters to design a large caliber revolver himself. Peters originally wanted to design a revolver in .460 Weatherby, but later dropped the idea (the .460 Weatherby actually couldn't be used in revolvers as it is a necked cartridge). After…

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