Noah and the flood object lesson

Bring the story of Noah and the flood to life with these engaging object lesson ideas. Teach valuable lessons of faith, obedience, and God's provision through interactive activities and visual aids.
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Noah and the Flood: A Bible Story for Kids about Hope | Jared Dees

This story is featured in two collections of Bible stories for kids called Do Not Be Afraid: Bible Stories for Kids about Hope. Genesis 6–9 Long ago, the world was filled with very sinful people. God decided to punish them. Noah was a good man. God called him to gather his family and two of every...Read More

Ruby Gee
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Noah’s Ark Craft

The story of Noah’s ark is a powerful story about God’s holiness, but there is also an underlying story of grace that points forward to Jesus. I have done two other Noah’s Ark crafts: Noah’s Ark made with Spaghetti and my Paper Plate Noah’s Ark. If you are looking for a Noah’s Ark craft with a surprise...Read More

Julie McKinley