Nordic aesthetic

Transform your living space with the minimalist and cozy vibes of Nordic aesthetic. Explore top ideas to incorporate this timeless design trend into your home and create a serene and inviting atmosphere.
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Vikings were 8-11th century Norse seafarers from Southern Scandinavia. They hold a prominant part of pop culture with common (yet innacurate) caricatures, one example of which being the horned helmet. The aesthetic is characterized by the Northern regions that the Vikings came from, along with many visuals of boats and sea travel. Unlike the similar Northerness aesthetic, there is more of a focus on coastlines versus woodlands. Additionally, the Viking aesthetic is more rooted in the history…

Pandora DeSpain
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Northerness is an aesthetic related to Nordic/Scandinavian areas of the world. Those who follow this aesthetic have the goal of living in the north in a remote location; going back to the ancient pagan roots of Europe and a conservation of the wilderness and the old ways. The Northerness aesthetic is usually associated with the Nordic/Scandinavian countries, deep woodlands, Northern Lights, small red houses, and ancient pagan rites. It can also include the hygge atmosphere. Its clothing and…

Krissy Cole
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Blood & Fire - Part two

When Meryna's Scottish village is invaded and pillaged by ruthless Vikings her stunning beauty is the gift and the curse that spares her life. She is taken hostage as a war prize, leaving her ransacked village and the only life she has ever known behind her. An arranged marriage is her destiny when Rorik, her captor, sets his sights on her. She is determined not to be broken. Her fiery and relentless spirit won't let her give up without a fight.

Jeanette Mclaren