Opal nail polish

Elevate your nail game with opal nail polish. Discover stunning ideas to add a touch of iridescent beauty to your manicure and make your nails sparkle like never before.
- Fariha describes the look as, "the kind of trichroic shade that nail artists have been trying to achieve for a while now, but it was only available in strips or as plastic press on nails." Different from the holographic shades that already made the rounds on social media (the ones that look multidimensional in a glittery way), this shade gives a mirrored effect without the sparkle. "Until very recently, there wasn't anything that would allow for us to do a full coverage with that color." Holographic Nail Designs, Chrome Nails, Holographic Nails, Opal Nails, Nail Polish Trends, Nails Inspiration, Nail Trends, Nail Polish Colors, Trendy Nails

Scroll through your social media feed and you're guaranteed to come across too many manicures to count—let alone determine if there's a new trend. So, to make sure we are the first ones to wear the next big thing in nails, we tapped one of the most…

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