Opalite properties

Unlock the magical properties of opalite and experience its calming energy. Learn about the healing benefits and how to incorporate opalite into your daily life.
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Opalite has been one of the go-to stones for people who seek crystals for their benefits. Since ancient times, people believed that Opalite helps the body and mind alleviate any problems it encounters. Opalite induces

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From ancient Babylonian times, people looked towards the sky, the stars, and the earth for spiritual guidance and healing. At the time, all we knew was that our roots were grounded in nature and that our souls moved with the stars. Though not everyone was in tune with their spirituality long ago, today’s pop culture has brought astrology, meditation, crystal healing, and other metaphysical practices into the mainstream. Many of us, now, look to our zodiac signs to measure compatibility…

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Opalite. Despite being man-made, Opalite is a perfect stone for those who suffer through nightmares regularly, helping to dispel disturbing dreams and promote peaceful sleep. Opalite also helps to calm the wearer in stressful or demanding situations, ridding fears and worries in addition to easing transitional periods such as moving house or a new relationship. Known as 'The Merchant's Stone', Opalite attracts wealth and prosperity in addition to improving communication with those around you. Chakras, Crystals And Gemstones, Opalite Meaning, Crystal Meanings, Opalite Necklace, Crystal Healing, Psychic Abilities, Opalite Crystal, Crystal Necklace Healing

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