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Discover the iconic Palm Springs architecture that will inspire your next design project. Get ideas for modernist homes, mid-century landmarks, and desert oasis retreats.
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If you're headed to Palm Springs, you must do this Self-Guided Palm Springs Door Tour! Take a drive or bicycle ride through the most colorful neighborhood to see all the beautiful, colorful modern front doors! A preview of the some of the best doors are below along with a printable map you can take with you!

Mary Margaret
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During my last trip to Palm Springs, my friend Sally and I were determined to go on our own Palm Springs door tour. Obviously I'm referring to "That Pink Door", and all of the other brightly colored doors belonging to the mid-century modern houses. While Sally was after something more bright, I was a lot more appreciative of the doors that weren't brightly colored. I loved all of the doors that added a certain charm without taking away from the beautiful architecture. Today I'm simply…

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Stylishly modernized by Thomboy Properties, the home is another midcentury relic of the prolific partnership between architect William Krisel and the Alexander Construction Company.

Roelf van Deventer