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Elevate your style with trendy Paparazzi jewelry. Find the perfect piece for any occasion and make a statement with affordable and fashionable accessories.
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Are you aiming for daily sales?? Do you feel like you never know what to show? I have found it helpful to plan it out for the month and then I just use that same schedule each month. So that way I know I'm only doing a red sale once a month or a rhinestone sale once a month and I don't get confused on trying to remember if I did rings last week or not, etc. When I have it planned out, it takes the pressure off! I just know what to show - and if I feel like mixing it up, I often switch days…

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100 Paparazzi Sales Tips from top leaders on retail sales that can be applied all year round! Paparazzi Founder Misty recently asked Elite Consultants to give solid advice for making retail profit this holiday season. Thanks to an awesome Elite leader (I wish I could find who this was so I could give her credit!) all o

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I went from working my Paparazzi business as a hobby to having so many sales that I hit Diamond Life of the Party level! What changed? What did I do differently? I have the secret to how to get lots of Paparazzi Sales so you too can hit those sales goals of yours! Paparazzi Facebook Sales Notes Worksheet As you watch the video, TAKE NOTES!!! Here's a Notes Worksheet that you can print off to help you organize your thoughts. How to get Lots of Sales on Facebook - TRAINING VIDEO Ideas for…

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Did you know that the more that people comment during your live sales, the more that your video can be seen? Comments during your live helps with your Facebook Live algorithm. How to get more comments during Live Sales So how do you get more comments during your live sales? ASK QUESTIONS! When you as a specific question, watchers will respond back with an answer in the comments. So always be asking questions as you chat and show your jewelry. You can just let the flow of the conversation…

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