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Discover the world of pavement art and be amazed by the creativity and talent of street artists. Explore top ideas for creating captivating and interactive artworks on pavements.
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Laura Rawlings
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‘We believe that colour and pattern have a positive effect on people's well-being and happiness’ say design studio Kapitza, and I could not agree more. Their new studio project 'City Full Of Colour' was inspired by their extended cycle rides through deserted London during the lockdown. Experiencing the city without its distinctive hustle and bustle made Petra and Nicole aware how stark and devoid of much-needed inspiration an empty city can be. This blank canvas provided them with a rare…

Nic Mooney Creative
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While cities incorporate art into public spaces in a variety of ways, the focus of this initiative is what we’re calling asphalt art: visual interventions on roadways (intersections and crosswalks), pedestrian spaces (plazas and sidewalks), and vertical infrastructure (utility boxes, traffic barriers and underpasses). In October 2019, Bloomberg Associates and Street Plans released the Asphalt Art Guide. The Guide features over two dozen case studies highlighting successful plaza and roadway…

CM Turner