Peggy fleming

Explore the incredible career and impact of Peggy Fleming, one of the most influential figure skaters in history. Learn about her achievements and lasting legacy in the world of figure skating.
The original epitome of feminine athletic grace (in my mind).  Peggy Fleming is the 1968 Olympic Figure Skating Champion. She won that title in Grenoble, France. That was the only gold medal that the United States won at that particular Olympics. She was nineteen years old at the time. She was known for being both an athletic and graceful ice skater. Winter Sports, Ice Hockey, Costumes, Personas, Female, Skater, Skaters, Athlete, Skating Outfits

The Great (Figure Skating) Debate: White, Beige or Skin Tone Tights Over The Boots? La Perfect Michelle: Michelle Kwan skating in...White Skates Just in time for the final Grand Prix of Figure Skating Competition, which is occurring as I type in Beijing China, I began an email discussion with one of my Figure Skating "gals", the beautiful Courtney Prince, who skated professionally for a while but now owns the Jewelry Design company, Doloris Petunia. She emailed me asking "White Skates or…

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