Peony plant

Enhance your garden with the beauty of peony plants. Explore different varieties of peonies and learn how to grow them to create a stunning floral display in your outdoor space.
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15 Perfect Companion Plants For Peonies

Dive into the world of peony companions and find out which plants can enhance the visual appeal, support growth, and deter pests. From contrasting textures to harmonious hues, these companions ensure peonies remain the garden's stars.

Jess Easterday
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Peony Varieties: 41 Different Types of Peony Cultivars

Thinking of planting some peonies, but aren't sure which ones to plant? There are many different types of peonies, that have different colors and growing conditions. In this article, certified master gardener Laura Elsner walks through her favorite peony varieties to add to your garden this season.

Tanya Daughton