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Explore the fascinating world of Monster High and meet the most iconic characters. From Draculaura to Frankie Stein, find out more about these unique and stylish dolls that are loved by fans all around the world.
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Elissabat, alternatively known as Veronica Von Vamp, is a 2013-introduced and all-around character. She is a vampire who grew up among the nobility of Transylvania. She is a childhood friend of Draculaura, as well as the daughter of one of Dracula's closest friends. Chosen by fate as the Vampire Queen, Elissabat fled her responsibility for four centuries and made a career as actress in Hauntlywood during that time. She is particularly known for her role in the "Vampire Majesty" movies…

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I gave Draculaura and Cleo as 'new' body types their own reviews, but all the other new body types followed the Ever After High method of shortening/lenghtening the calves to make tall/short bodies so they are pretty much all the same for sewing purposes. First, let's compare the different generations and spinoff dolls: These pics are taken straight from the new PS size chart btw so you can download that if you want a local copy to refer to. The good news is overall the basic body shape has…

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Catty Noir is a 2013-introduced and all-around character. She is a werecat and a student at Monster High. Having striven for a place in the music industry from a very young age, Catty is a world-famous pop star and teen idol, who has many fans at Monster High. It was a meeting with these fans that eventually made her decide to put her career on hold at age 16 to enjoy what remained of her teenage years as a regular student. Though she loves to sing and to entertain others, it does her good…