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Achieve professional-level photography with these essential set up ideas. Enhance your skills and capture stunning shots with the right equipment and techniques.
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Two weekends ago was my Studio Saturday post, and in it, I asked a few questions readers could answer to enter a giveaway. There were some really good questions in those comments, I took some time last week to answer them on my blog. I'm reposting those answers here, in case you were one of those who had a question! Lighting Issues A few people said that they struggled with lighting when taking photos. Right off, I can tell you that this is something you really want to work at getting it…

Allison Schieffer
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As our business is growing, we are getting more and more inquiries from businesses wanting to hire us which is great, but along with that comes many uncomfortable conversations about money and pricing. I know that not everyone struggles with this as much as I do, and I’ve gotten better over the past

Anup Chavan