Pink amethyst

Explore the beauty of pink amethyst crystals and add them to your collection. Discover top ideas to incorporate these stunning gems into your home decor or jewelry.
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Specializing in the highest quality Pink Amethyst Crystal Geodes available. Always 100% natural. Beautiful deep Pink Amethyst Crystals with surfaces that range from slightly frosted to shiny and lustrous. The nearly water clear calcite crystals are an awesome embellishment and contrast to the Pink Amethyst. Measures: 3.08 x " x 2.25 x 1.48" deep. ^^***See notes below. Weighs 111grams, 3.9 oz. ^^^^^ This is a high grade Pink Amethyst Geode specimen from Patagonia, Argentina, not the lower…

Jayla Houser
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The influence of color on the human mind has proven to affect our emotions, mood, and well-being profoundly. Therefore, when choosing a crystal, consider the color, as it is one of the most potent aspects of its healing power. Here we explore the energy and meanings of crystal colors.

Donna Howard