Plaster walls

Transform your space with these creative ideas to enhance the beauty of your plaster walls. Discover unique techniques and designs to add personality and charm to your home.
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Image via DesignSkool Do you feel like you've been seeing plaster-this-plaster-that everywhere these days? This finish is definitely having a moment! Plaster can be used be for a variety purposes, so before we jump into how to use plaster in our homes, let's make sure we understand what it is. Wikipedia to the rescue!Plaster is a building material used for the protective or decorative coating of walls and ceilings and for moulding and casting decorative elements. In English, "plaster"…

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Venetian plaster is a mixture of plaster and marble or limestone dust... Microcements are waterproof and durable... best for bathrooms. Microcement needs to be applied in a number of layers. Home tour of fully rendered Gold Coast home including walls, floors and ceilings. 5 Do's and Don'ts for inter

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