Pokemon ash and misty

Relive the unforgettable journey of Ash and Misty in Pokemon, from their first meeting to their epic adventures together. Discover the bond between these iconic characters and join them on their quest to become Pokemon trainers.
Magical Mermaid by Mer-melody on DeviantArt The Little Mermaid, Pokémon, Mermaid Melody, Ash Pokemon, Ash And Misty, Ariel The Little Mermaid, Mermaid, Melody, Misty

Description Hello Everyone- I am new to DeviantArt and this is my first submitted piece of art! I love Pokemon, Mermaid Melody etc Misty has always been my fav of the girls, I miss the old Pokemon! I loved the episode of the Misty Mermaid, she looked so beautiful! I love water Pokemon so I had fun with this one, I hope it goes over well

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