Pokemon ornaments

Add a touch of Pokemon magic to your holiday decor with these unique Pokemon ornaments. Discover top ideas to showcase your love for Pokemon this holiday season.
Buzy Bobbins: How to make a Pokemon Gastly Halloween decoration

How to make a Pokemon Gastly Halloween decoration Hello everyone, Heres another idea on how to use up your old and worn Christmas baubles I'm trying something a little different with this tutorial by providing a drawn painting diagram instead of just photographs to help make everything really clear, Please feel free to let me know in the comments what instructions you prefer. What you will need: Old Purple or black baubles (depends on what Pokemon generation you want your Gastly to be from…

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My son really loves Pokemon, he has a large collection of figures. I was searching for Pokemon Christmas decorations but it seems they are all collector's items and very expensive, so I decided we could make our own. I found Fillable Ball Ornaments on Amazon - the 60mm were the perfect size for his 2" figures. In order to secure them from moving around we used White Modeling Clay. It ended up looking like a snowy base for the figures. We then used tiny glitter balls and miniature ornaments…

Stephanie Miesch