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Explore the world of polymer clay painting and unleash your creativity. Discover unique techniques, tips, and inspiration to create stunning works of art with polymer clay.
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Polymer clay is a versatile material that you can use for so many projects. But if you want to give your creations a different look, try coloring it with acrylic paint. It’s easy to do, and the results look great! #artwork # polymerclay You Can Check It Out to https://diyquickly.com/how-to-color-polymer-clay-with-acrylic-paint/

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Polymer clay is a popular medium for makers in all crafts. Whether you're just starting to use polymer clay or are thinking about painting the pieces you already made, you might wonder what paint you can use on polymer clay. We have done the research for you so you can be sure that you are […]

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I'm obsessed with these earrings by Madison (https://www.instagram.com/lulucutters/) 😍 | earring, polymer clay, clay, polymer

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Are you thinking about creating a unique candleholder or a one-of-a-kind plant vase? Perhaps you have a box of old wine glasses you want to spruce up. Polymer clay-on-glass combination may be just the style you are looking for. When you are dealing with more than one material in a project, you need to question […]

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