Porridge recipes

Kickstart your mornings with these mouthwatering porridge recipes. From classic oats to creative variations, find the perfect recipe to fuel your day and satisfy your taste buds.
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You might think you know how to make porridge, but you could be surprised! There are actually lots of little things you can do and change to make the perfect porridge. We think the perfect porridge is a mix of water, milk, and oats. The amounts of each can vary but use our recipe as a starting point and then adapt it to your own tastes.

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Best, perfect way to make oats porridge on stove top. You can enjoy the delicious oats porridge/oatmeal porridge as its own or add your own favorite topping be it fruit, nuts, dried fruits, seeds etc and use your favorite sweeteners. Oats porridge makes a quick, easy and quick option for breakfast for adults and kids which you can even make in advance if you wish.

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Oatmeal - a timeless breakfast classic! Learn how to make it delicious and keep it interesting, with 5 different flavour and topping ideas! Hi, Sprouts. I'm back from my little break with my first recipe(s) of 2020. I hope you had a merry Christmas and a very happy new year...

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