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Enhance the beauty of your garden with a variety of outdoor potted plants. Explore top ideas to create a vibrant and inviting outdoor space with these stunning plants.
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Diggin’ in the Dirt Signature Gardens The signature of God is written in flowers Hi Everyone By early to mid-April it is safe to plant warm season annuals. Here are a few suggestions for annual color in your garden or in containers. Any suggestions where the name is in quotes (i.e. 'Profusion'), planting these specific cultivars will yield the best results. As mentioned in my Container Crazy! post, when planting containers, remember you want... a “thriller” (tall plants), a “filler” (plants…

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Selecting patio & bedding plants isn’t difficult but if you place without a simple plan you will never see the potential they could have. Using the Thriller, Filler & Spiller principle with a small range of plants will give you amazing results that people will comment on.