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Potty Training

Discover Pinterest’s 10 best ideas and inspiration for Potty Training. Get inspired and try out new things.

Free Printable Potty Training Charts (Tried-and-True)

If you’re ready to rock and (toilet paper) roll, download one of these free printable potty training charts to get started.

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How To Potty Train In A Weekend And Be Done!

Our almost 2 year old successfully potty trained in 3 days. The potty training stuff out there is GREAT, but it feels incomplete. Here's what you need to know:

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How To Potty Train a Stubborn Girl

Potty training is one of the greatest and hardest milestone of parenting. That's why I wrote this post on how to potty train a STUBBORN girl.

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10 Stress-Free Potty Training Tips for Girls

Feeling nervous about potty training your daughter? From one mom to another, here are 10 best potty training tips for girls to help you along!

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Potty Training 101 - Super Simple

Crawling ✔. Walking ✔. Weaned ✔. Talking ✔. Now for potty training… As well as it being an achievement for our children, it is a huge milestone for parents and it can be the most daunting one at that. It is one that can’t be escaped from, but it shouldn’t be one of concern and... Read more »

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What are the Do's and Dont's of Potty Training?

If you’re like 99.99% of parents, you’ve wished at times your child came with a manual. What works for one child may not work for the next, and that leaves us to rely on experience—either our own or others’. If you’re embarking on the (sometimes stressful) task of potty training, we’re bringing you experiences and insights from a panel of professionals. Read on to learn about what has worked for them and what hasn’t. Not every piece of advice will fit your child, but you’ll likely gain some helpful perspectives from those who have been there, done that. Amy Motroni Amy Motroni is the Founder of The Postpartum Party where she covers everything related to pregnancy, motherhood, and those first few years where your life totally changes for the better (although sometimes it feels like the worst). Kids need consistency I tried potty training my toddler at 27 months and failed miserably. I tried again at 30 months and was successful in about a day. Here are the DO's and DON’Ts I learned along the way: Do’s Have a clear plan. Know what you are going to do, how you will handle accidents, and what your overall strategy will be with rewards and positive reinforcement. Load your kid up on liquids. Buy all the drinks and offer it to your child. The child who can pee ten (10) times on that first day will pick up potty training quicker than the child who only pees 3 or 4 times on the first day. DO make them part of the process. We got our toddler excited about it by talking about it a few days before we started, letting her pick out new underwear, and letting her help pack up all the diapers to say goodbye to them. This helped tremendously! Don't Don't just wing it! Kids need consistency. If you are inconsistent with your approach, they will have a hard time too. Dr. Lina Velikova Dr. Lina Velikova, MD, Ph.D. from Supplements101. The biggest do when potty training is consistency, just as losing consistency is the biggest don’t. When you figure out the way you want to potty train your kid (whether it’s letting them report they need to go to the bathroom or something else), you need to stick to it. Children thrive on consistency, and they can be easily confused if you send them mixed messages. Sadly, parents are oftentimes tired, and they feel like they cannot deal with it after long hours at work. They might ruin everything they achieved if they decide to “rest for just one night.” This means if you choose to “blitzkrieg” your kid and leave them without diapers for good, you cannot put them back on just because you’re tired. Just be persistent, it’s more likely you’ll achieve your goal sooner. Heather Hoke Heather Hoke, the creator of the blog, Embracing Chaos with Love, helps readers enjoy the chaos of motherhood. Heather’s passion about motherhood is to inspire new moms to not just “make it through” but to thrive and make the most out of every moment. Give them encouragement and praise The following are what I found to be true and helpful. Do’s Do wait until your child shows signs of being ready. These signs include being interested in the bathroom, acknowledging they need to go, wanting to be changed right after they go, finding privacy when they need to go, and wanting to watch you when you use the bathroom. Do make it exciting for them to use the potty. This can be making a sticker chart or having them pick out their own underwear. Do give them encouragement and praise when they just sit on the potty. Do make it a big deal when they actually eliminate into the potty. Find books on going to the potty and read them often. Don’ts Don’t force it. If you have been trying a while and it just isn’t clicking, take a break and try again after a few days or a couple of weeks. Don’t get angry or make them feel bad when they have an accident. • Don’t start if they aren’t ready. Don’t compare them to other kids or their siblings. All children potty train in their own time. Don’t be afraid to use rewards when they get it right, even if it is just them asking to sit on the toilet. Eventually, they won’t be expecting a reward and it will just happen. Don’t start right before a big trip or change in schedule. Tyana Kelley Tyana Kelley, Founder and Life Coach of Purple Horizons. She is a mother of twins and a coach for women who want to break the cycle of trauma in their families. She has a Master’s Degree in Strategic Communication and was a birth and postpartum doula for many years. Every child is different Do’s Wait until your child is ready. There will be signs, like waking up from naps and the night dry, showing interest, etc. There may be several starts and stops, and that is normal and ok. Keep a potty chair in your car for road trips. Don't Listen to other people on what is the

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Potty Training Tips for Girls

Step by step guide to potty train girls. what to expect when you are toilet training your toddler girl. Ditch diapers and follow a training schedule

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Potty training boys and girls stubborn early for under 2 year old tips in 3 days

I share my experience potty training two toddler children early before 24 months.

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How to Potty Train a Boy

Potty training boys might seem difficult at first, but with these helpful tips and tricks, you will help your son be out of diapers in no time!

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How to Potty Train in just One Week

I used this method to potty train all four of my children (girls and boys) in just one week! Great tips on night training too and how to get through a potty training regression.

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