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Discover delicious and nutritious Practical Paleo recipes to support a healthy lifestyle. Explore easy-to-make dishes that are packed with flavor and promote overall well-being.
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Paleo...why paleo? So I know that for a lot of Americans (or anyone for that matter) we have heard so many 'diets' and promises and fads, that anything we hear of that seems new, is lumped in with all the old stuff that never worked. Paleo is not a diet. Yeah, I know you've herd that before too. Before we focus on what Paleo isn't.(tomorrow's post) Lets hit what it is. WHAT IS PALEO? So what should you be eating? Do not eat dairy! This includes butter, cheese (hard and soft), yogurt (even…

Teresa Lasenby
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Choosing a Paleo Diet can make the transition to a healthy lifestyle smart and practical. When in doubt about what you should or shouldn’t eat or how much you should or shouldn’t work out, try to remember that your body is the same as our cavemen ancestors.

Leiloni Tomczak