Prefix and suffix anchor chart 3rd grade

Enhance your 3rd grade prefix and suffix lessons with creative anchor charts. Explore top ideas to engage students and reinforce their understanding of word structure.
Teach students to use suffixes as a clue to the meaning of a word with this engaging hands-on resource. This bundle includes 5 days of mini lessons, an anchor chart, puzzles, partner games, interactive notebook page, task cards, craft, and a quick assessment. This is a complete hands-on mini unit that will add fun and excitement to your classroom. This unit focuses on the following standard: L.1.4.b – Use frequently occurring affixes as a clue to the meaning of a word. Word Work, Phonics, Anchor Charts, Prefixes And Suffixes, Teaching Suffixes, Suffixes Anchor Chart, Prefixes, Spelling, Teaching English Grammar

This week in my classroom it’s been all about SUFFIXES!! We started out with an anchor chart and some fun puzzles! Pinterest My students worked with partners to solve a set of puzzles… Pinterest I used the second set of puzzles as a center/literacy station. I printed on colored paper and laminated. I’m not going […]

Hollie Griffith
suffix chart- for Hollyword Wall- make for prefix and Greek/Latin roots as well- leave up and add to as year continues :)

I've been completely enjoying my time in 3rd grade. The kids are a scream! I've been making anchor charts for them because I'm a visual learner. I like to see in print what I am learning. So, I just assume these kids can also benefit - hence the love of anchor charts. I'm literally obsessed with pinning them on my Pinterest account. Anyhow, here's my recent anchor chart for our prefix and suffix lessons coming up: As you can see, I sorta ran out of room with all those suffixes, but it's…

Penny Roe