Preparing for retirement

Start planning for your retirement today with these essential tips. Discover how to secure your financial future and enjoy a stress-free retirement.
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You are retired or almost retired. Finally, you can enjoy the freedom and the luxury of doing all the things you've always wanted to do when you dreamed about your days in retirement. But then reality hits, and you ask yourself, how do you structure your day when you retire?

Teri Reist
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Many people think of retirement as a long vacation. But that's often not the case, says retirement expert George Jerjian, who came out of retirement at 62. He shares the biggest downside of his retirement experience, and how a Japanese concept helped him overcome it.

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The Ultimate Pre-Retirement Checklist is a must-read for anyone within 5 years of retirement. This comprehensive checklist provides all of the steps you need to Achieve A Great Retirement, as well as links to related articles on numerous retirement planning topics.

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