Procreate ipad art

Explore the possibilities of creating stunning artwork with Procreate on your iPad. Discover top ideas and techniques to unleash your creativity and make your art come to life.
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This is the one article you need to read when you're a Procreate beginner. Learn all about layers in just a few minutes! Trust me, layers couldn't be easier. You use layers in Procreate to keep your workflow mostly non-destructive. You can have a layer for your sketch, outlines, base colors, shadows, highlights and anything

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Not only are procreate coloring pages a great way to relax and de-stress, but they also help you hone your digital coloring skills. In this blog post, I have created 21 Procreate coloring pages for you to enjoy. These pages are fun and unique, and I am giving them away for free :)

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If you’ve ever searched for Procreate tips, brushes, or anything like that, you’ll know you get thousands and thousands of tips, links and videos and it can all be a bit much. Especially when all you want is to try and draw out your favourite Taylor Swift lyric in a slightly fancy way. (Or is that just me?!) To save you from that endless clicking marathon and the inevitable download of every free Procreate brush on the internet, only to use the same five (again, just me?!) I thought I’d do a…

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