Professional learning communities

Discover proven strategies to enhance professional learning communities and foster collaboration among educators. Take your professional development to the next level and create a supportive environment for continuous growth.
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Goals Together, we will: Understand why Council Rock is ready to embark on the Professional Learning Community journey. Develop a common understanding of Professional Learning Communities and their essential components. Understand the process of a collaborative team and the necessary steps to begin meaningful work. Ann

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The acronym PLC refers to Professional Learning Communities, which are organized collaborative structures among educators. Many schools have PLC’s, but how they are set up and run vary greatly. A discussion recently came up in the Instructional Coaching Connection Facebook group where a coach was looking for advice from other coaches on how PLC’s are…

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This guide to professional learning communities gives you all the tools, examples, and processes you need to start a plc in education.

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It’s the beginning of the year and the perfect timing for some fun professional learning and team-building activities. Why not combine the two together with this FUN Digital Escape Room that covers Professional Learning topics needed to start the school year? Kick-off your school year with the teachers by having them complete this Professional Learning...Read More

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