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Discover proven strategies to promote your small business and attract more customers. Take your business to the next level with these top ideas and boost your sales today.
The secret to effective marketing lies in consistent and daily action taken versus big action taken inconsistently. Elaine Rau founder of Action, Business Quotes, Promotion, Promoting Your Business Quotes, Entrepreneurial Quotes, Entrepreneur Quotes, Business Advice, Promote Your Business, Success Business

I've been marketing my own business for the past two years. During this time I've racked up 100K followers, 10K email subscribers and got media sites to notice me. I'm here to share with you how I've managed to accomplish that in such a short period of time. I spoke at the 'Promotion 101: Tips and Tricks for Marketing Your Small Business' event on August 25 where I talked about, you guessed it, the best promotional ideas for businesses... especially if you're on a shoestring budget! For…

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