Protein waffles low carb

Start your day with a nutritious and tasty breakfast by trying out these protein waffles. Discover mouthwatering recipes that are low in carbs and high in protein to fuel your day.
THE BEST PROTEIN WAFFLES - Just 161 calories and have 18.3g of protein per waffle! Low Carb Recipes, Waffles, Protein, Healthy Recipes, Protein Waffles, Protein Breakfast, Protein Foods, Low Calorie Protein, High Protein Low Calorie

These low calorie protein waffles are just 161 calories and have 18.3g of protein per waffle!We also cut the sugar down with the help of our favorite zero calorie all-natural sweetener, but you can use any sugar (or honey, agave, maple syrup) you choose. Special Tip: Each protein powder is different, if you find that yours makes your protein waffle batter too thick, simply add in water 1 tablespoon (right into the blender/food processor) until you get a thick batter consistency.

Stephanie Wilkerson
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Incredibly fluffy Low Carb Protein Waffles made with just 4 key ingredients. This simple waffle recipe is healthy, satisfying and easy enough to make everyday for a delicious breakfast! Add your favorite toppings and a drizzle of maple syrup for the perfect morning treat.

Staci StOnge