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Take control of your mental health and improve your psychological well-being with these practical ideas. Discover ways to cultivate happiness and find inner peace in your daily life.
One super ‘brain food’ can make a huge difference to your mental health, says

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One super ‘brain food’ can make a huge difference to your mental health, says #homecare, #caregiving, #eldercare, #seniorcare, #aging, #seniors, #elderly, #AgingMatters, #babyboomers, #Alzheimers, #Dementia, #caregiver⠀⠀

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Once in a while, we all think about the good old childhood days. Back when our lifestyles had a carefree rhythm.​ A time when we used to have actual face-to-face conversations and not video calls (and never realized that one day we would be actually missing them). A time when we had genuine concerns and empathy for people in general. A time when things did not move this fast, and when we had the time to appreciate the beauty of simplicity. I do miss those glorious, happy-go-lucky days…

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