Quilters knot

Learn how to tie a perfect quilter's knot with our step-by-step guide. Enhance your quilting skills and create beautiful stitches with this essential technique.
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If there's a basic skill that every quilter should learn before embarking on a project, it's the quilter's knot. The quilter's knot is a necessity for hand quilting. It's pretty simple to do, but there's a technique to it. If you don't know this technique already, here's how to do it. ________

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This tutorial follows on from the Tutorial 2 which explains how to make and bury a knot at the beginning of a line of stitching when hand quilting. It describes how to finish the thread with a knot which is also buried in the layers of the quilt and therefore not visible on either side …

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Tying a quilt is an easy and quick way to finish a quilt. Tying a quilt means using thread or yarn to attach all three layers of a quilt together. This is a great option for beginner quilters as well as more advanced quilters! To add some extra interest, ties and quilting can be used...

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