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The Rainbow Fairies

Rose, Sofia and the fairies The Rainbow fairies are the first group of fairies seen in the Rainbow Magic series. Sofia and Rose meet the fairies through secret writing in the halway of their house. Ruby The Red Fairy Amber the orange Fairy Saffron the Yellow Fairy Fern the Green Fairy Sky the Blue Fairy Izzy the Indigo Fairy Heather the Violet Fairy Rose Sofia Rose and Sofa always have fun when meeting a new fairy and going on an adventure.

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Heather the Violet Fairy

Heather the Violet Fairy is the seventh and last fairy in the Rainbow Fairies series. Violet is often associated with intuition, and mysticism. Heather is into yoga and 'balancing her Chakras'. Like her colour, she's deep. Heather the Violet Fairy is in a spin. Perhaps the colourful carousel horses can lead Rachel and Kirsty to the final fairy? Heather has wavy blonde shoulder-length hair with purple blossoms tucked behind her ear. She wears a knee-length violet dress with violet beaded…

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Hayley the Rain Fairy

Hayley the Rain Fairy is the seventh and last fairy in the Weather Fairies series. Whether it's raining cats and dogs or spraying a fine drizzle, Hayley is in charge of all showers. Little droplets of blue and violet scatter from her silver wand whenever she changes the weather. Hayley is very practical, and knows how important her spring showers and summer rainstorms are to the whole planet. She hates to rain on anyone's picnic, but sometimes, it's her job! Please don't sing 'Rain, rain go…

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