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Kylie Homes 11/5. Through the years EDM (Electronic Dance Music) has advanced, and so have the outfits that ravers wear to the events. In the early years, you would see phat pants and midriffs. Outfits in the 90s included overalls, boiler suits, and smiley faces. Now, you see less clothing and more geometrical shapes and crisscrosses. Along with these new-and-improved articles of clothing came fur leg coverings and leg wraps to go with them. Rave Outfits, Techno, Fashion, Rave, Outfits, Ideas, Clubbing Outfits, Dance Music, Dance

We adore the flirty skirts and ornate outfits that have taken over festival fashion, but it wasn’t always so. Just as dance music has evolved over the years, rave fashion has evolved with it. Trends come and go, and some even morphed to appeal to the new generation of ravers. Walking through a festival today, we no longer see the iconic phat pants and midriffs of the early 90’s. Instead, most ravers have decided to ditch the pants completely and show off even more skin. Photo by Beau McGavin…

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