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Recipe video above. Everybody knows Din Tai Fung* has the best Spicy Wontons. Here's my copy-cat! Very specific mix of spices, it's less spicy, less vinegary and more savoury than typical Chinese dumpling houses, designed so you can slop up every bit of that tasty sauce with the wontons without blowing your head off! So, so, very good!* Global dumpling restaurant chain that declares itself the world's best dumplings. Many Sydney-siders would not disagree.

Loves Pickles
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Recipe video above. Vietnamese caramel sauce is a popular sweet/savoury used in Vietnamese dishes. Here, it's used for bite size chicken pieces that get coated in the glaze with a generous dose of ginger. It's quick, easy, something different and outrageously good!** NOTE: Sadly seeing reader feedback that the liquid isn't reducing and chicken isn't caramelising. Please ensure to use a LARGE PAN and be brave, simmer RAPIDLY! Else the liquid will take ages to reduce. See Note 4.**

Scott Trousselot
African Chicken Curry - Kuku Paka Naan, Rezepte, Backen, Lasagne, Kochen, Recipetin Eats, Main Meals, Dinner, Main Dishes

Recipe video above. Are you ready to discover the world's easiest curry?? As in, a real one, made from scratch. Introducing - Kuku Paka! This chicken curry in a tomato coconut spiced sauce tastes like an Indian curry. Except it's African, and you can get everything you need from your regular grocery store. For a strictly traditional version, sear the chicken over charcoal for chargrilled flavour before adding into the sauce. To make this Monday-night-friendly, I've just pan-seared. Serves 4…

Lori Sacco
Spicy Pinto Bean Soup, Soup Add Ins, Recipes Using Tomato Bouillon, Budget Bean Recipes, Soup In A Bread Bowl Recipe, Beans For Breakfast Mornings, Veggie Soup With Beans, Soups For One Person, Brothy Bean Soup

Recipe video above. This Bean Soup comes to you from El Bulli restaurant, famed in its time for topping the World’s 50 Best Restaurant list, year after year. But fear not! This is not a complex Michelin star dish. It’s a simple bean soup from the El Bulli staff cookbook, "The Family Meal".If this tasty little number is good enough for the folks behind this world class restaurant, it’s good enough for the rest of us!Don't skip the Picada. It totally makes it.

Heidi Horan
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Recipe video above. Forget skewers - THIS is how you get a satay fix! This Malaysian Chicken Satay Curry features chicken marinated in a homemade satay seasoning, simmered in a heady peanut satay sauce that's coconuty and heavily seasoned. Truly restaurant quality. Yet -simple. No hunting down unsual ingredients!Spice level: Pretty warm buzz but not that spicy. If concerned, read note 1 & 3 for how to play it safe with the chilli!Adapted from a Satay recipe by a Malaysian chef and the Satay…