Reclaimed wood paneling

Transform your space with the warmth and character of reclaimed wood paneling. Explore top ideas to add a rustic touch to your interior design and create a cozy atmosphere.
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Throughout the millennia, architects, mathematicians, and psychologists have all been fascinated by the various patterns that appear in nature. From the Fibonacci sequence to fractals, patterns have proven to be an important part of the natural world. What is especially interesting is the fact that humans resonate so strongly with these patterns. My aim in […]

Tammy Moss
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RECLAIMED WOOD ACCENT: 100-percent reclaimed and recycled, naturally-weathered wood paneling adds a beautiful, rustic accent to your walls LARGE PLANKS: Panels are 1/4-inch thick and 3.50 inches wide; 8 square foot box has 10 planks 36" long NATURALLY WEATHERED COLOR: Each piece of wood has aged individually, providing varied, weathered colors that look great on any wall EASY INSTALLATION: Install the accent panels quickly and easily using the industrial-strength adhesive specifically made…

Tonya Caldwell