Recycled costumes

Discover unique and eco-friendly recycled costume ideas for Halloween. Get inspired to make a statement while reducing waste with these creative costume ideas.
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Outer Space Party Ideas

18 awesome outer space party ideas for a fun filled birthday party. Easy ideas for space themed party decorations, food, games and favors.This theme will be just as much fun to plan as it will be to hold. So start organizing those planets and rocket ships and plan a party for the boys that they will never forget.

Natalie O'Guin
Now this is the coolest home made outfit I have ever seen! A Samurai made from recycled things... how COOL! Recycled Costumes For Kids, Recycled Costumes, Last Samurai, Robot Costumes, Red Ted Art, Japanese Costume, Crate Diy, Ninja Party, Washi Tape Crafts

The very last samurai

We're nearing the end of the school term here and my son's preschool is going to hold an International Day party to celebrate. Kids have to come in a costume representing any nation on the map. The last two times, he went as a panda (China) and as an Italian chef, and we made the costumes together. This time round, he wants to be a samurai! I was a little stumped and was worried about what to use as I did want it to be partly from recycled materials. Here's what I came up with. Even daddy…